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7 Career Tips for Students — Better Humans — Medium

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Oh cool, I wrote this two days ago and published it on Medium, and now it's here!

My favorite part:

Do not put pressure on yourself to decide on a future career path. Instead, commit to the idea that your career path is a long and sometimes difficult journey, and commit to the attitude that you can and will figure out what to do along the way.

I also love the line, Be who you are, as hard as you can.

I like this, because it's also been my path... Okay, leave in the waiting tables and take out NASA, but in continuing to pursue education and change directions until it suddenly began to make sense...that's the truth. However, I wish that years ago, I had wondered what I wanted to do with my education, only because college has outpriced itself.  I see people sinking under debt. I also see students not getting the guidance they need...sometimes the simplest advice is a career-idea changer. "Have you considered..." That's why I love your thoughts on mentorship. I think it should go deeper and to all levels of's so critical. Sometimes careers are made by layering two or three interests on top of each other...simple, but school doesn't tell you that's okay... that's what I have realized we must do. Tell them it's okay. Get them out of the box, and start this process earlier. It'll always be a tangled line, but can cycles of mentorship make it a bit less painful? I think so... Great post. 

Thank you Dawn. We're in uncharted territory because the educational system somehow got itself mixed up with the profit motive. I'm a capitalist through and through but not everything is supposed to be for profit. Some things are primarily supposed to make ourselves -- or our world -- better.

Agreed. This stuff really should be part of curricula at all levels. Doesn't take me but a second to ask "What would you DO w that?" 

Or even simply, "Why?"

Why is great because you can ask it multiple times in a row.

As any 5 year old knows.

Ain't that the truth... 

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