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Online ‘Likes’ Herd Others to Similar Views, Study Finds

Online Likes Herd Others to Similar Views Study Finds Bloomberg


Positive opinions are more influential than negative ones, at least on the Internet.

If an article is “liked” on a website such as Facebook or Reddit, new readers are more likely to approve of it, according to a study published in the journal Science. While the positive reactions create a “herding” effect, the authors said, negative views don’t appear to affect people the same way.

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Facebook does not even have the equivalent of a Reddit downvote. I wish it did!

So this kind of implicit peer pressure is likely to affect the collective hive mind:

Positive social influence increased the likelihood of positive ratings by 32% and created accumulating positive herding that increased final ratings by 25% on average. This positive herding was topic-dependent and affected by whether individuals were viewing the opinions of friends or enemies. A mixture of changing opinion and greater turnout under both manipulations together with a natural tendency to up-vote on the site combined to create the herding effects. Such findings will help interpret collective judgment accurately and avoid social influence bias in collective intelligence in the future.

The "whales" of social networks have outsized influence in those networks:

Is the Internet creating an echo chamber where you only hear those who agree with you?

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