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The Family that Eats Together: Breaking Bread at Your Startup - Forbes

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Money Quote: "... we all know, confirmed by research, that dining together is better for families, so why wouldn’t we treat a startup the same way?"

I'm amazed that the author thinks this is new.

Or maybe I've been spoiled by years of Google and then Facebook offering this to employees...

I think there's a difference, however, between offering a cafeteria, and taking meals together as a team/family... Is this the motivation for Google/Facebook and some of the others who do this? b/c I was under the impression that the perk was offered more as a convenience than as a fundamental part of team cohesiveness...

Ever since my first startup laid me off, I hate it when CEOs compare a startup to a family. For one thing, families don't jettison 30% of their members every so often. Also, startups are very often places that PREVENT you from spending time with your actual family. And finally, I like to get out of the office and see new people and new things during lunch rather than same old, same old.

Did this CEO insist on being referred to paternally (i.e. the Old Man, Dad, etc.)? been there, suffered that...

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