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The Nerd Fails of the Imaginary Star Trek Script in Breaking Bad |

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Script written for nerds by nerds.  

What a great scene. Find the transcript anywhere or just the animated video below?

From Nosebleeds to Zgeek, I can't find a transcript.

I looked on Reddit and didn't find it but I did find this:

Transformation from Walt to Heisenberg:

Rewatching the scene, look at 0:08, as soon as the prospect of losing his kids comes up, you can literally see Walt become Heisenberg, going from confused and scared to completely confident and dominating, but Bryan Cranston manages to convey it all just with his eyes, in 4 seconds. And Hank's reaction right after that is so appropriate, he just witnessed a full transformation of the hidden evil he had no idea existed in this man, like he's staring in the eyes of the Devil himself abandoning his disguise.

This also tells you that as insanely psychopathic as Walt is becoming, he still cares deeply about his kids, to the point that he's ready to go full on Heisenberg on your ass if you even mention their names.

Seriously though, the acting is pretty amazing.

Back to Star Trek, I did find these interesting threads on Reddit:

I love this! Jesse Pinkman spreads the love with upvotes!

Jesse Pinkman upvote gif

I loved this scene.  It was so paper-boy-gone-wrong.

I have a few more side notes that I'll put here for your enjoyment:

Breaking Bad periodic table of death Imgur

Heisenberg wallpaper Imgur

breaking bad cinemagraph gif 5x09 blood money

Darn it, the cinemagraph compressed poorly. Here's the original: