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How to Follow Up After Meeting Someone in Person

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I found it interesting that following up and building relationships is about giving (in the spirit of Adam Grant's Give and Take):

Approach Follow-Ups with a Philosophy of Service When Keith Ferrazzi was growing up, he caddied at a local country club in the wealthy town next door to his own. During those long outings, he had ample time to observe how successful and wealthy members of the country club treated one another. “They found one another jobs, they invested time and money in one another’s ideas, and they made sure their kids got help getting into the best schools, got the right internships and ultimately got the best jobs,” says Ferrazzi. In other words, Ferrazzi saw that the very successful were invested in a spirit of service to one another.

In Never Eat AloneFerrazzi writes that the country club provided him “with a simple but profound lesson about the power of generosity. When you help others, they often help you.” (italics are mine)

Asking yourself what you can offer is a good first step.

The article breaks it down into 3 phases of building a long-term relationship:

  • Phase 1 - what steps you should take immediately following a networking event.
  • Phase 2 - how you should continue to maintain contact on a regular interval (i.e. every 30 or 60 days).
  • Phase 3 - how you should deepen the relationship over the long-term.

The key to developing a relationship is to give it time. Don't try to force it to develop quickly.

Great tips for Phase 1 follow up (immediately):

1. Take notes about the people you met

2. Send memorable first emails within 24 hours

3. Send a handwritten note

4. Connect on social media

Number 3 (handwritten note) is so unusual these days. Definitely worth doing if you have time.

very much in tune with the Give and Take idea...Adam should like this article

I do!


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