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As of our 25,000th post, PandaWhale is one of the Alexa top 20,000 websites in the world.

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Some stats from Alexa:

Global Rank: 20,011

U.S. Rank: 5714

Launched: March 7, 2012 -- now live over 17 months!

New numbers were just posted on Alexa:

Global Rank: 19,953

U.S. Rank: 5656

For the first time ever PandaWhale is a top 20,000 website in the world.

Still just 3 employees.

A few more stats:

PandaWhale reached the U.S. top 10,000 on June 28.

PandaWhale reached the global top 25,000 on July 22.

Adam, that's awesome! What's the secret of the success?

The long road to get here: 3 years of building a foundation, day after day.

If you look at the Alexa charts, our needle really did not begin to move until 2013.

Years of building and adding content finally pay off once consumers become more familiar with you.

But it does take years.

Way to go!  Woot Woot!

Thank you Geege! Even more amazing is that this growth is during the summer.

Summer is typically a slow time for growth.


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