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Weaponized LEGOS!

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Chris Anderson's 2007 Wired article on weaponizing LEGO:

What I and my kids are doing is using cellphones and toys (including Lego) to make flying robots. The cheapest of them cost a few hundred dollars and fly below the regulatory threshold for all the technologies involved, from the sub-watt radios to the sub-400 ft flying altitude. Which part of these systems would Mr Roberts like to ban? The flying toys? The cellphones? GPS? Open-spectrum radio? Lego?

He makes a great point:

How did the purely theoretical threat from R/C planes with less on-board computing than an iPod fall under the domain of the NATO executive who "oversees issues of weapons of mass destruction policy"?

Why demonize UAVs simply because their first use was military?

I was sad when they took my tacocopters but now they want to take my legos, too?

Oh, the humanity!

Lego Catwoman and Wonder Woman, help me!!



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