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How to Create the Perfect Pimms Cup

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Right! What's Pimms?

From monkeyboy to PandaWhale:

Gin, citrus juices, liqueur, and "secret spices"

The exact recipe is a secret and is supposedly know by only 6 people in the world....a little bit of trivia for you is that there used to be several versions of Pimms:

Pimms #1 cup - based on  gin

Pimms  #2 cup - based on whiskey

Pimms # 3 cup - based on brandy

Pimms # 4 cup  - based on rum

Pimms # 5 cup - based on rye

Pimms # 6 cup - based on vodka (this is the only one besides # 1 that is still produced)

What got me hooked on Pimms is the "Pimms Cup" a terrific cocktail for a hot summer day.  It consists of:

1 shot Pimms

4 shots lemonade

1 splash of club soda

Serve in a tall glass with ice and garnish with a wedge of Cucumber

Remember that Pimms is only 50 proof so you can have a few of these without getting into too much trouble...

Wikipedia also has a good article on Pimms at's

Thank you monkeyboy! How is Pimms only 50 proof with that many kinds of booze?

Oh, I see, it's kind of like Soju.

Yeah!  Here's the Pimms porthole:

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