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How Hot Dogs Are Made, with Breaking Bad's Skinny Pete

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Awesome sauce video is 5 minutes long and fascinating:

Ashley Lutz recently wrote "The Stomach Turning Process of How Hot Dogs Are Made":

A camera crew from Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" stepped inside a John Morrell factory to reveal the process for how hot dogs are made.

It isn't pretty, as the photo on the right illustrates.  

The factory processes a mindblowing 300,000 hot dogs an hour. 

The recipe starts with beef and pork trimmings. Later, a whole bunch of other er, stuff is added.

Read more:

Favorite photos from Ashley Lutz's article involve the mystery meat slurry:

How Hot Dogs Are Made [PHOTOS] - Business Insider

How Hot Dogs Are Made [PHOTOS] - Business Insider

How Hot Dogs Are Made [PHOTOS] - Business Insider

What would Emma Stone say?

Yum! reaction gifs - PandaWhale

Looks similar to mechanically separated chicken aka pink slime:

I'll never look at Nostalgia Chick being pelted with hot dogs the same way.

hot dogs face gif

girl hot dog face gif Imgur

The Simpsons explains the ingredients of a hot dog well, too:

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