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Teleportation just got easier—but not for you, unfortunately

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A sense of security

It turns out that quantum teleportation is not just a good party trick. The nature of the communication between Alice and Bob in this system is pretty interesting.

The information that Alice measures and sends to Bob cannot be used to recreate the input state without the other entangled particle. That means Eve the eavesdropper can't spy on Alice's measurement and get the information for herself.

The entangled pair is unique, so only Bob can recreate the original state. Immediately you have a technique for secure communication.

If you encode information in your particles, measure them with one part of an entangled state and then send the information to Bob, you have cryptography that is made strong by quantum physics. You really can't crack it by any means, unless you have the other part of the entangled pair.

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Dammit, I wanna teleport!!

me too.  take that hyberloop

The hyperloop was renamed BARF RIDE: