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New Study: Oreos Are Just as Addictive as Cocaine | Alternet

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Perhaps rats just dislike rice cakes:

The study placed rats inside of the maze (don't all studies do that?), and trained them to associate one side of the maze with either cookies or cocaine, and the other with rice cakes. The students soon found that the rats had "an equally strong association between the pleasure effects of eating Oreos" as they had when they could choose cocaine over rice cakes, essentially proving that the rats were equally motivated by both options (and, like people, not too excited about rice cakes).

Insert joke about "The White Stuff".

Still, the interesting finding here, in my view, is that they sought out the Oreos JUST AS MUCH AS the cocaine, suggesting that it is equally desirable to them.

Would be interesting to substitute any other sugary snack for Oreos.

Is it sugar or Oreos in particular that attracts the rats?

Rats eat Oreos the same way humans do:

The most curious revelation? One researcher told, that the rats, too, would split the Oreo in half and eat the middle first. So there's something to chew on for a while.

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