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Facebook Struggling To Copy Path?!

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Owen Thomas writes:

"There’s a lot of people in Menlo Park who like to use [Path],” Facebook's Henri Moissinac said at Le Web London, a conference currently taking place in the UK. “Facebook is trying to copy Path."


So, in other words they are trying to figure out how to walk your address book on your mobile device and automagically add everybody to your Friends list?

Or just suck in your data for themselves.

Friending is so last decade.

That bit at the end about why they can't copy Path seems like either speculation by the author, or B.S. that a designer at Facebook fed him:

The problem is that Facebook's mobile app is still far too cluttered. But its designers' hands are tied: If they drop viral features for games, developers will go elsewhere. If they break out features like photo sharing or messaging into standalone apps, as they've done with Facebook Camera and Messenger, they fragment the Facebook experience.


  1. Facebook has been trying to slowly move away from games for a long time, particularly spammy Zynga-style games.

  2. Open Graph is clearly intended to work with a wide variety of applications, not just games. For example, it has pretty good geo functionality.

  3. The Facebook Experience™ is already fragmented -- their mobile app lags far behind the website and lacks much of the website's functionality and quality (as does the mobile website). In fact, the app is just generally a piece of crap. Nobody likes it. It's not that it's simply "far too cluttered," it's that it's a piece of crashy, buggy crap, and you often have to go to the website to do things as basic as untag yourself from a photo because the app lacks that feature.

I find it hard to believe that FB thinks their iPhone app is in some kind of acceptable state and is therefore afraid to change the magic formula. It seems to be more the case that they know they suck at mobile, but are unsure what to do about it.

Well, and the last two guys in charge of Facebook Mobile (Chamath and then Bret Taylor) both quit the organization before mobile really had a plan.

If they're smart, the reason they bought Instagram is so they can put its founder Kevin Systrom in charge of mobile.

He could do for Facebook mobile what Bret Taylor did for News Feed and then Open Graph: articulate a clear vision, sweat the initial details, and set it on a path to success.

That's a good idea.

Hopefully it occurs to Zuck!

You're talking about the guy who bought Instagram and then released the inferior Facebook Camera App within a month of each other.

He eventually finds the right answer after wearing out the alternatives.

Bee tee dubs, when I Google for "Zuck Rage" your post is #3. Here's #2:

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