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Lighten up, Om! Give Yahoo a chance! ~Henry Blodget to Om Malik

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Henry Blodget extols the virtues of Yahoo's new strategy.

And smacks down Om for being a non-believer.

Blodget's point:

It takes a long time to develop great digital products, especially when you're starting with existing services that have been used by hundreds of millions of people for more than a decade. But, already, in the short year since Marissa Mayer took over, Yahoo has rolled out significant changes to Yahoo Mail (a critical product), Flickr (a photo-storage service), and the Yahoo home page. These products have already had an impact--increasing user engagement and helping Yahoo to once again become the biggest site in the United States (a title that it relinquished to Google five years ago.) With the bold acquisition of Tumblr, meanwhile, Mayer has vaulted Yahoo into the social-media and user-generated-content realm and brought Yahoo into the lives of the next generation of digital users.

In short, Yahoo has accomplished a remarkable amount in the past year.

Liz Gannes says Yahoo! has more monthly U.S. uniques than anyone: 196 million.

Kara Swisher says Yahoo!'s Katie Couric web deal has turned Marissa Mayer into a media mogul:

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