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Lose weight in only 15 minutes by changing your stance, hair, clothes, camera zoom and filter...

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There's a technique to making selfies look better.

What a difference stance and filters make!

Reddit discussion:

Alternatively, have a fatter twin.

Schwarzenegger Devito Twins sunglasses gif

Thank you EditingAndLayout for making that gif!

hand on hip is an old technique to hide a few inches

And it works!

I think it is photoshopped. No woman can change her pants and hairstyle in only 15 minutes

Lady Gaga did it four times in three minutes at the VMAs.

Other people lose weight the old fashioned way. Through hard work, eating less, and exercise.

what a difference ninety pounds and two years makes - Imgur

what did you eat then? and drink? what were your exercise routine?

Low carb, mostly water, and combination of weights 2 times a week and treadmill 5 times a week.

and how long did it take you to lose all that weight/fat

More than a year. 

Friends I know who have kept the weight off say slow and steady is better than fast weight loss.

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