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RIP Steve Jobs

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Here's to an entrepreneurial engineer who changed the world.

My Favorite Line in the Commencement: "Your time is limited, so don't spend it living someone else's life..."

Even back then he had a sense of urgency to do something new; this speech predates iPhone and iPad.

I also enjoyed Jessica Guynn's interview of Larry Brilliant:

And Elliott Schrage posting it.

I love the part about the acceleration of the world's access to information -- and the world's access to beauty. It makes me wonder if these, in turn, will accelerate the world's access to enlightenment.

A quote by Steve Jobs about supply chain in a WIRED magazine interview long ago:

Today a dealer says, "We can't get your car in a week. It takes three months." And you say, "Now wait a minute, I want to order a pink Cadillac with purple leather seats. Why can't I get that in a week?" And he says, "We gotta make it." And you say, "Are you making Cadillacs today? Why can't you paint a pink one today?" And he says, "We didn't know you wanted a pink one." And you say, "OK. I'm going to tell you I want a pink one now." And he says, "We don't have any pink paint. Our paint supplier needs some lead time on that paint.'' And you say, "Is your paint supplier making paint today?" And he says, "Yeah, but by the time we tell him, it takes two weeks." And you say, "What about leather seats?" And he says, "God, purple leather. It'll take three months to get that."

You follow this back, and you find that it's not how long it takes to make stuff; it's how long it takes the information to flow through the system. And yet electronics move at the speed of light - or very close to it.

So pushing information into the system is sometimes immensely frustrating, and the Web is going to be just as much of a breakthrough in terms of pushing information in as getting information out.


That's awesome, Arthur. I also liked Mashable's 15 Steve Jobs Quotes.