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The Ultimate Pop-Culture Feminist Syllabus: 50 Books, Movies, TV Shows, Artists, and Albums Everyone Should Know – Flavorwire

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There's more out there, of course, but this is a good start if you need some schooling.

Which one is the most important one to begin with?

I don't know...find something that interests you and explore it. But do you really need any schooling in feminism? I'm thinking you've probably got a pretty good track record there.

Now that I've gotten my head away from financial ratios a bit, and had a chance to knit (and therefore allowed my mind to wander...a beautiful thing, really), it occurs to me that part of feminism is allowing women - and people, really - the freedom to make their own decisions. I'm therefore going to punt it back to you and let you decide what is the most important. ;)

Heh. Ok, will do.

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