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Chris Sacca's 'What is left?': Big Company, Small Company

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Yes, that is 2:12 AM Pacific Time. Most of us are asleep, but the Auctomatic boys have just fired up another bowl of ramen and are on top of things:

Three observations:

1. They had so few customers that they would move eBay Netherlands support to the front of their to do list? Seems like poor judgment to listen to a distraction that's not on the plan just because someone asked for it.

2. No one makes good decisions at 2am after a hard day's work. To make decisions when one is far from peak cognitive abilities represents poor judgment.

3. Given 1 and 2, why is Sacca applauding this company? Extolling someone who works hard instead of someone who works smart makes me question his values.

Tough critic.

The ramen comment says it all. Investors love building up the myth.


Silicon valley...ramen...myths

Investors might believe the myth is good, but I believe the myth is bad for the health of the founders and employees.

My body agrees with you. The myth is a lie. 25 pounds lost and counting since I ditched ramen/bad carbs/crazy nights!

I'm with you. Anyone who applauds people hurting their health in the name of "work" makes me question those values.

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