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There is a planet covered in burning ice. You heard me.

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Via Reddit user --wasp:

There is a planet that is covered in burning ice. Not dry ice. Ice, but it's incredibly hot. It is called Gliese 436 b. Its surface is at a constant 800ºF, but the ice remains as ice because the gravity of the planet is so incredibly powerful that it compresses all of the water vapour into a solid state. It is actually called ice-ten/ice X.

love it

It does boggle my imagination just thinking about it. 

Bet they don't worry about Global Warming!

No they do not.

Gliese 436b is 5000 km larger than Neptune and a bit more massive. It also orbits its star at a distance of 4,000,000 km or 15 times closer than Mercury's average distance from the sun. okay that's a hot mess!

source: Wiki link from Adam's post on Gliese 436b

Makes me want to complain less during humid days here on Earth.

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