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Scoop: Google acquired WIMM Labs to bolster its own smartwatch plans

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What WIMM brings to Google WIMM is an interesting acquisition for Google because the company didn’t just develop a smartwatch device with a limited number of apps. It actually launched its very own developer program to let third-party developers build what it called “micro apps” — applications that were meant to provide more than just notifications for your smartphone, but actually work independently from the device in your pocket and provide additional functionality. (For more on the differences between mobile phones and smart watches, also check out our Mobilize Conference in October, where Pebble founder Eric Migicovsky will be speaking about the future of wearable computing.)

So if Google has its way, in five years we'll be wearing Google Glasses and Watches while being driven around in Google Self-Driving Cars, freeing us to search for things on Google through any of them?

If I have MY way, Google will do all of these things.

At that point we should just give Google all our money and they can tell us the best way to spend it.

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