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"Reddit makes me hate atheists." ~@RebeccaWatson

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Rebecca tells the story of how the Reddit atheist subreddit were excessively mean, sexist, and crass to a 15 year old girl who posted there.

I found this link while reading Gawker's opus on how the Reddit atheists are disrespecting the Muslim community:

To Lucas's post below, Facebook is the site that everyone loves and loves to hate, and like opinions--everyone's an asshole. 

I wonder if that's why I'm using Facebook so much less these days.

But hey, at least they're in the upper right part of the quadrant! :)

The only community worse than Reddit is 4chan.

One of my goals with PandaWhale is to prove my ideas on Asshole Theory:


It sure does look like the panda wants to surf his way down that slope.

So far PandaWhale is relatively asshole-free.

If that changes does it mean we're succeeding?

Also, where does PandaWhale fit in the overall Interweb taxonomy?

Asshole-free would be suboptimal. I'm not saying you want trolls but you need people to stir things up, not be afraid to rock the boat and keep things interesting.

Yeah, re-reading Lucas's chart it's clear he also believes some assholes are necessary to achieve "I love this site!"

But there's a fine line. Too many assholes and you end up with Reddit.

The tough thing is that I want PandaWhale to succeed for Adam and Joyce's sake, but a part of me wants to keep it small and high-quality, like Quora was in the very beginning.

It's hard to maintain quality with scale.

Chris, I also would love us to maintain the quality as we scale.

Thinking about how best to do that.

Brand new here, but I'd simply observe that culture within "organizations" usually flows down. The consequence of being a habitual jerk-off needs to sting in terms of reputation, benefits, inclusion, candy...something.


Products reflect the organizations that build them.

I believe that.

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