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The 7 Steps to Creating Powerful Relationships (Networking 101) |

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Nice article on the basics of networking from someone that I really respect. 

Of the seven things, #6 really stands out for me.

6) Follow Up and Follow Through:

When I was working on my first startup as a Freshman at the University of Colorado, I had lunch with a local entrepreneur and asked him one pointed question: “what will set me and my team apart from the rest?”  He simply responded, “follow up and follow through.” After any great conversation, follow-up by simply letting the person know how much you appreciate their time and thoughts. And if you want to distinguish yourself from nearly 99% of everyone out there, follow-through on the promises you make.  The key to this statement is to make certain that when you tell someone you are going to do something, you will have the time to do it well. This will do wonders for building relationships of mutual respect and admiration.

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