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David Hornik: Nice guys finish first. Eventually. (Wired UK)

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On why nice guys finish first over the long run.

David Hornik writes:

What the study gets wrong is the timescale. Sometimes aggression and dominance will characterise a strong leader. But company-building is more collaborative than adversarial. Leaders need to co-operate with employees, partners, distributors, customers etc. As a result, executives who optimise for the confrontational aspects of their job, rather than the collaborative ones, will miss the mark. As tempting as it is to use this study as an excuse to become the bad boy of business, I'm convinced the professors have come to the wrong conclusion. Nice guys don't finish last. It just takes a while for the true value of positive, collaborative leadership to shine through.

This reminds me: I've met nice takers and mean givers.

Nice and Mean do not necessarily tell us if someone is a Giver or Taker.

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