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Here's Why You're Not Productive

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I disagree with this:

If you’re Tweeting, you’re wasting your time

Hanselman looked at a room of digerati dutifully plugged into their social networks, Tweeting, blogging and Instagramming his words, and dropped a bomb: He told them Twitter wasn’t important.

“It’s really surprising how much time you guys spend on Twitter,” he said, adding: “Someone will always be wrong on the internet.”

Twitter wasn’t the only time-consuming product he dismissed. He suggested that our lives are filled with types of media we can do without. “I can drop Tivo and Twitter really quickly. It’s surprising how much people use Twitter as excuse. Twitter is a river of crap and you just need to let it flow over you,” he said.

Not all of Twitter is crap. Some of Twitter is essential to work.

Agree. I think the point has value but is way overstated. Twitter can be used to create many positive outcomes like new relationships, helping others solve problems and spreading news and information. However I have also had brushes with some of the negative ways twitter can used, for instance I have found myself eating time constantly refreshing looking for new updates. Perhaps a good rules is everything in moderation.

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