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Notable People Who Have No Twitter:

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The Louis CK quote above is how some people feel about Twitter.

Notable people who have no Twitter account:

1. Brad Pitt.

2. Angelina Jolie.

3. Johnny Depp.

4. Natalie Portman.

5. Michael Cera.

6. Michael Jordan.

7. Kristen Stewart.

8. Jennifer Lawrence.

9. Will Smith.

10. Halle Berry.

11. Robin Williams.

12. Mila Kunis.

13. Scarlett Johannson.

14. Megan Fox.

15. Robert Downey, Jr.

16. Anne Hathaway.

17. Kate Beckinsale.

18. Christina Hendricks.

19. Cameron Diaz.

20. Will Ferrell.

21. Kristen Wiig.

22. Keanu Reeves.

23. Bruce Willis.

24. J.J. Abrams.

25. Eddie Murphy.

26. Tina Fey.

27. Amy Poehler.

28. Bradley Cooper.

29-30. Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

31. Jack Black.

32. Danny McBride.

33. Paul Rudd.

34. Jennifer Aniston.

35. Natalie Dormer.

36. Blake Lively.

37. Christian Bale.

38. Matt Damon.

39. George Clooney.

40. George Lucas.

41. Tom Brady.

42. Kit Harington.

43. Uma Thurman.

Notable people with a Twitter account but no tweets:

1. Peter Thiel.

2. Larry Ellison.

3. Emma Stone.

4. Marc Andreessen was low engagement but now he tweets a lot.

5. Dave Grohl and Warren Buffett are low engagement.

6. Will Ferrell has no personal Twitter but sometimes tweets as @funnyordie ...

7. Ben Stiller has no personal Twitter but sometimes tweets as @RedHourBen ...

8. ...and Mark Zuckerberg hasn't touched his Twitter account in years.

Who else?

Christian Bale won't join Twitter:

I would never be caught dead twittering. I have no interest.


Christian Bale Twitter meme

George Clooney does not understand why anyone would use Twitter:

Note that even Louis CK tweets.

So my theory is that unless you're a celebrity A-lister or you're super-rich, the pros of Twitter outweigh the cons.

This gives Twitter massive network effects that will make it hard to chip away at.

I use twitter more to keep in touch with friends than anything else via DM and @ replies. I suspect the majority of millennials use it in a similar fashion. Follow things and interests they care about like university, favorite sports teams and politicians and celebs, but mostly just tweet at friends and post Instagram photos.

I think for famous folks it's probably just not woth it. Too much scrutiny over every word. @corybooker must be one of the few uber-famous folks who actually posts his own tweets. Others just hire staff to do so.

Hiring staff to tweet is so inauthentic.

I get a lot more activity on Instagram than Twitter for the same images.

Reasons not to tweet:

Tweeting is vanity, and Twitter has lots of haters.


(I'm a big Aaker fan)

Aaker makes a good point.

which is why everyone besides the biggest A-listers and the super-rich has a Twitter.

I still find it fascinating when someone famous doesn't tweet.

Mila Kunis explains why she has no Twitter:

"Why would I want to share my life with the world when it's being shared already, without my consent? The only problem with not having an account is that there are fake accounts, pretending to quote me. But what am I going to tweet about?"

Well played, Mila.