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My boobs, my burden -

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"But I’m not used to glamorous bra shopping experiences. For me, and many other women “blessed” with big breasts, bra shopping is a stressful, even shameful, experience wrought with self-delusion, loathing, and disenchantment."

"When my breasts first properly showed up, an agreeable C cup by the age of fourteen, they became a secret I wanted to share—in some way that wouldn’t attract what I recognized to be the wrong kind of attention. In her book Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, an indispensible companion to women’s chests, Florence Williams calls this desire “that exquisite tension between wanting to show off our new breasts and not wanting anyone creepy to notice them.” And that predicament was exquisite—for a while."


"Some people think large breasts are a nice problem to have. Nora Ephron was one of them. At the close of “A Few Words About Breasts,” her Esquire essay from 1972 in which she confesses that “breasts were the hang-up of my life” and that had she had them, she “would have been a completely different person,” she writes:

“My girl friends, the ones with nice big breasts, would go on endlessly about how their lives had been far more miserable than mine. Their bra straps were snapped in class. They couldn’t sleep on their stomachs. They were stared at whenever the word ‘mountain’ cropped up in geography… It was much worse for them, they tell me… I don’t know how lucky I was, they say.

I have thought about their remarks, tried to put myself in their place, considered their point of view. I think they are full of shit.”"


"And when a friend heard I was writing this story, she told me, because I have “great tits,” it’s “unfair” for me to write about them. Why can everybody talk about—and hell, to—my breasts, but me?"


I understand why they use Hendricks as article image, but really?  Why not just... breasts? or something evocative of that complex "insecurity/shame."  But it's ok.This lengthy essay is humbling and forces me to sympathize a lot more, and to even (try to) curb my natural lunkhead male tendencies.

"the Mother Teresa of tits, performing daily miracles."

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