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Breaking Bad season 5 episode 13 To'hajiilee gifs and memes

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Walter White's speech on the road was tense and intense...

Walter White car phone gif S05E13 To'hajiilee Breaking Bad Imgur

...only you're too stupid to know it!

walter white youre too stupid to know it gif Breaking Bad 513

hank waves to walt gif breaking bad 513

jesse pinkman gif breaking bad 513

jesse pinkman zoom gif breaking bad 513

James Poniewozik has some great observations in TIME:

And holy hell, “To’hajiilee” did everything but roll out a goodbye cake for Dean Norris and play “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” on the soundtrack. Hank got his victory, which solves the problem of killing off Hank–a cop, after all, if an increasingly flawed guy–yet not letting him appear to have died in vain. He had a tearful talk by cellphone (great reception in the desert!) with Marie, and got to hear her say that he had put her mind at ease. The episode all but packed his suitcases for the afterlife. (I’d thought Jesse might be marked too, but precisely because Norris got such attention–and especially once Hank shuffled him and Gomez to another car–it suggested that the Grim Reaper’s spotlight was on Hank alone.)

You might think that such (apparent) telegraphing would take the suspense out of the episode’s second half. On the contrary–maybe on Hitchcock’s theory that “knowing” a terrible thing will happen is worse than not knowing–it was torture, from the moment Walt took the phone call from Jesse and barreled out on the blacktop to the existential showdown in the desert. There are points at which my notes on this episode are almost entirely me screaming at the episode in all-caps (JESUS WHO IS IN THE CAR??? &c.)

More important, the false ending gave us a chance to see how Walt would react to his luck finally, for all appearances, running out. The episode hardly redeemed him; after all his agonizing, it turned out he did make the call to have rabid-dog Jesse put down. (Quickly and painlessly, he asked, so, you know, Humanitarian of the Year.) But as always, Breaking Bad complicated things, giving us Walt facing a last temptation, like Christ in the desert: one word on the phone, and he could get rid of Hank and his troubles. Maybe his code supersedes his pride, maybe he simply can’t live with killing his children’s uncle.

Every time Walt has escaped doom, it’s been by crossing a new moral line, from Emilio and Krazy 8 to Gale to Brock. (The last of whom he is able to see again–as part of a plan to lure Jesse to his death–without any apparent pangs.) For once here, he steps up to the line and refuses: “It’s off. Do not come.” And then he prepares for the end.

If we didn’t know there were three episodes left, this could have been a way to end the series. Another series might have ended just this way: with Walt, if not exactly redeemed, at least having found his moral limit, finding his bearings and reconciling himself to paying a price before the cancer claims him. There would be justice, there would be retribution, and yet there would be the message that even the most benighted among us can see light before the end.

Walt sees Brock without Pangs.

Walt White meme Breaking Bad 5x13 tohajiilee Imgur

Brock fruit loops meme Breaking Bad 5.13 tohajiilee Imgur

I am the one who Brocks meme Breaking Bad tohajiilee 5.13 Imgur

opening shot breaking bad S05E13 S01E01 tohajiilee Imgur

Walter White look of defeat meme Breaking Bad 5.13 tohajiilee Imgur

walter white 5.13 gus fring 4.09 Breaking Bad tohajiilee Imgur

Jesse spits on Walt gif Breaking Bad 5.13 tohajiilee Gomie's little dance stance - Imgur

Todd shooting gun gif Breaking Bad 5.13 tohajiilee Imgur

todd pew pew pew gif Breaking Bad 513

tohajiilee shoot out gif breaking bad 5.13 Imgur

final shot tohajiilee meme breaking bad 5.13 Now we know why Walt's wearing new glasses in the flash-forward. - Imgur

Jesse Pinkman meme tohajiilee Breaking Bad 5.13 Imgur

Aaron Paul tweet meme the worst is yet to come Imgur

Jesse Pinkman Ive made a huge mistake meme

Hank I should have tread lightly meme Breaking Bad 513 tohajiilee Imgur

Gomez meme Breaking Bad 513 tohajiilee Imgur

Huell meme I should have went to Mexico Breaking Bad 5.13 tohajiilee Imgur

hank huell phone gif breaking bad 513

Lydia's Mug meme Breaking Bad 5.13 tohajiilee mgur

lydia gif am I correct in assuming this should be blue breaking bad 513

where will you be when the breakfast hits gif Walter Jr Breaking Bad Imgur

You know nothing Walter Jr Jon Snow Breaking Bad Game of Thrones Ygritte Imgur

Walter White Jesus Christ meme Breaking Bad 513 Heisenberg forgives you Imgur

Jesse Pinkman O_o meme o_O Breaking Bad 513 tohajiilee Imgur

Jesse Pinkman smile meme Breaking Bad 513 tohajiilee Imgur

nice try asshole meme Breaking Bad 513 Jesse Pinkman Chris Hardwick nerdist Imgur

Chris Hardwick COME ON meme Talking Bad Imgur

The last two minutes of Breaking Bad episode 513 were so full of The Feels:

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