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Growth Hack: Facebook’s Hidden “Like”

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Yikes!! The next Facebook channel developers will exploit:

"That’s why the “hidden” like is so interesting. It’s integrated seamlessly into the application. You’re not “Liking” a Facebook Page, you’re “Liking” an Instagram photo. And it’s not a thumbs up icon – it’s a little heart…or whatever else the developer sees fit to use. The point being: it looks like part of the app itself. It will become impossible to tell (without reading all the pop-up disclaimers and EULAs – and who does?) which in-app actions will live within the app and which populate Facebook. And that’s the idea. That’s how they getcha."

Sarah Perez explains how this fits in with the 1% theory:

"Another reason why the hidden Like is important: it allows for data collection surrounding apps’ more passive users. If you believe in the 1% rule, content creators only account for 1% of a community. Not everyone will read, watch, post, create, etc., as the Open Graph actions allow for. But a fair number will still interact – i.e., “Like” – the content others are creating in the apps. And the hidden like allows that data to be tracked."

Google is a highway. Facebook is the Hotel California.

Well said: "The Facebook way is that you should NEVER truly leave. Even when you think you're not using Facebook, you are nonetheless still using it."

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