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Google I/O 2009 - The Myth of the Genius Programmer - YouTube

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I'm trying really hard to understand how TJ Hallowaychuck can be so damned prolific... could this video give insights as to how/why some developers or creative types in general are more successful? The video starts off with how most bad programmers stay bad because they don't show their work to the public -- they mentioned wishing they could "delete history" to hide their screw ups. It makes sense that people who openly embrace their past are able to hopefully learn and move past things that generally make people insecure.

TL;DR Good programmers are good because they aren't worried about failure or appearing to their peers to have failed.

Good programmers also have an inborn raw talent that most of us only dream of.

They are more "one with the code", like Neo in the Matrix, as a native intuition.

the matrix gif pandawhale

What makes programmers great is bulldog nature, or the ability to try and try for a goal until their fingers are raw and their eyes cease to function properly.  Repeat this many times over a career and you will see MVP⁺ status in a geek, vs. fair weather programmers.

⁺ not Minimum Viable Product

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