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My Meeting with Pax - Anil Dash

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"I hope that Pax's friends in the pick up artist community take a few moments away from writing date rape manuals and sending me death threats to reflect on the fact that their new hero has at least some tiny bit of respect for the wife he's been married to for 15 years. How crushed they will be."

Love the comments.  Lots of appreciation for Anil!

Eric, thank you for sharing this.

Geege, you're right that the comments on that page are worth reading.

Anil got to the bottom of where Pax's wrong thinking comes from:

He offered up a pretty boringly conventional defense of male privilege, and when I described the role of actual satire and comedy in punching up instead of punching down, he revealed that he sees attacking feminists and equality activists as punching up.

Pax considers attacking equality activists to be punching up. That shitty attitude IS his problem.

Anil concludes:

My most lasting impression of this stupid half hour at a coffee shop was from right in the middle of the conversation about how we speak truth to power. I pointed out that his words were bullying because he was aiming at those who have less power than Pax does, and he said, with great animation:

"But you guys are winning! The progressives and feminists are winning in everything, in politics and media!"

Pax Dickinson has a very messed up idea of what "winning" means. The "duh" is implied.

duh winning

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