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Stark Visualization Reveals the Who and Why of New York’s Stop-and-Frisk Policing

stop and frisk


These days, the NYPD’s “stop, question, and frisk” tactic is under fire. The policing measure, which encourages officers to stop and search people who appear suspicious, and which is used in Brooklyn more than any other borough, has in the last month been ruled unconstitutional, curbed by a pair of City Council bills, and inveighed against by the Democratic field of would-be mayors.

But with only long-shot candidate John Liu calling for a complete end to stop-and-frisk, some form of the tactic is likely to endure. This visualization, which reflects the more than 530,000 stops that occurred in 2012, reveals who is being stopped, why they’re being stopped, and what, if anything, is being found by the police as a result. The data, originally made available by the NYPD, wasrecently compiled by the NYCLU.

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Visualization by Thomas Rhiel

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