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The Largest Pineapple in the World

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Something I remember from childhood.

Hawaii used to be one of the largest producers of pineapple. Many many people made a living from the pineapple trade. Even my dad worked at a pineapple cannery during his summers.

I didn't realize that Hawaii is not a big pineapple producer anymore.

Today, Hawaii's pineapple production does not even rank within the top ten of the world's pineapple producers. Worldwide, the top producers are Thailand (13%), the Philippines (11%) and Brazil (10%). Hawaii produces only about two percent of the world's pineapple. Fewer than 1,200 workers are employed by the pineapple industry in Hawaii.

Lanai, the island that Larry Ellison (Oracle) for $500 million used to be the epicenter of the entire industry. It is still fondly referred to as the Pineapple island. Once Ellison finishes his changes/improvements to the island they'll likely rename or change it. I think he is trying to make it self sufficient.

I can't tell if he will be good or bad for Lanai.

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