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Is Organic Better? Ask a Fruit Fly -

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The research, titled “Organically Grown Food Provides Health Benefits toDrosophila melanogaster,” tracked the effects of organic and conventional diets on the health of fruit flies. By nearly every measure, including fertility, stress resistance and longevity, flies that fed on organic bananas and potatoes fared better than those who dined on conventionally raised produce.

so in other words: pesticides do their job?

You are correct, sir.

I am otherwise skeptical of "organic". Probably because of Penn and Teller.

For some things it definitely makes sense, particularly greens which tend to easily take up whatever chemicals (or organisms) which happen to be around.... for other things like fruits or root vegetables, not so much...

Good to know. I should do more research on this.

Lucky for you, I have done it... Certain things require organic. However, two other factors also need to be included in this discussion--nutritive value and outside contaminants. If we're talking safety, sometimes pesticides equal the risk of natural contaminants like e-coli.  Conventional foods that can be peeled or root-grown is better than leafy pesticide conventionals. However, the nutritive value is best in the most freshly picked produce--so in that case local is best, regardless.  There are so many factors to consider--also, many farms skip the organic cert because of bureaucracy and fees for certification. Others have natural practices, but live near a cross-breeze which contaminates them with GMO seed from larger farms (suits currently pending), so they technically cannot certify as organic.  

It's best to know your farmer and source as well as you can locally. There are risks and benefits on both sides. 

Luckily, here in the Bay area, we can do exactly that. :-)  (BTW, I'm devoted to Tomatero Farms ;-) )

You are so very lucky in this respect. I guess you all deserve good food since your housing is outrageous... I've got to get out there soon. 

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