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Beyoncé: "I don't think any of us could ever be solo."

Beyonc I don t think any of us could ever be solo

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lol jk



Now she's a star!


cm-10303-14feca4b81b86b.gif cm-10303-24feca4b8b48ea.gif cm-10303-34feca4b96f33f.gif

cm-10303-44feca4ba1a7cc.gif cm-10303-54feca4baebd77.gif cm-10303-64feca4bba82e2.gif

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Does Beyonce really play guitar or is this one of those Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" situations where she looks like she's playing, but she's not?

Actually, Beyonce's guitarist is named Bibi Mcgill and she ROCKS:


If Destiny's Child is like the Avengers, then Solo Beyonce is like... THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

Beyonce Hulk Derp meme - Super Bowl 47 2013

Now put your hands up!

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