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Mooncake - Wikipedia entry

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Had my first mooncake yesterday. It was given to me as a symbol of friendship. But, I found out each little mooncake can be ~1000 kcal!

This is cool:  There is a folk tale about the overthrow of Mongol rule facilitated by messages smuggled in moon cakes.

Cool story, Geege. Are moon cakes in any way related to moon pies?

Moon Cakes (L), Moon Pies (R)

People are over the moon for both of them.

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Me at the Bund with 2010 World Expo Mascot, Haibao

His name is 海宝 (Haibao), which means “treasure of the world.” He is shaped like the Chinese character 人 (ren) or person. There is also a massive REN Building under construction that will be shaped like the Chinese character as well. This incredible piece of architecture will be extrodinary and I hope I am around when it comes to fruition.

Haibao makes me want to say Game Over Moon Pie and stuff one in my mouth while a brony delights.

game over moon pie gif Wil Wheaton

moon pie gif

moon pie gif

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