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Love or Hate Mutant Cereal, GMO-Free Cheerios Are an Empty Gesture | Wired

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That may be true, but it’s hardly a bold stance. Yes, wariness of GMOs as food remains strong, even as such crops have become a staple of U.S. agriculture over the past two decades. An overwhelming majority of respondents to a New York Times poll this summer, for instance, said they supported the labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients. But General Mills isn’t suddenly against GMOs. It’s simply exploiting consumer fears to sell more cereal.

In fact, the company’s new campaign only applies to original Cheerios. Those Honey Nut Cheerios your kids prefer? Those may still be made with mutant sugar.

"It's simply exploiting consumer fears to sell more" is just about every multinational corporation.

All industrial foods are GMO'd, it just depends what vintage and methodology we want to bitch about.

That said, the most recent varieties are certainly the most nefarious, being the radical gamete abominations of the Roundup Ready variety.  That Frankenfood crap deserves a lot of bitching.

"And yea-ah: may a stillness come upon the waters, such that all those at Monsanto who lead us away from the Lords good works and down the halls of such abominations have their own special rung in Dante's Inferno..."

Until of course the Apocalypse, and it's the only thing left that will grow on our charred, scorched earth remains.  Or Mars.  

Living in interesting times is such a bitch.

Now that you mention it Monsanto does kind of sound like Inferno.