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This Is The Number One Thing That Holds Most People Back From Success

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Great lede:

What’s the number one thing that holds most people back from success?

It’s not intelligence or hard work.

It’s your attitude.

Sound like the drivel your parents told you when you were 16 that inspired eye-rolling? That’s what I thought, too.

But then I kept seeing the same thing over and over from experts and research…

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Interesting things I learned from this article:

What actually separates winners from losers isn’t talent, it’s attitude.


People with more friends at the office perform better at the office.


The best predictor of team success is not smarts or effort — it’s how team members feel about one another.


In the education system, collaboration is called “cheating.” In business it’s the main way things get done. 

And wherever there is collaboration, there’s the issue of trust.

Does the company trust you’re on its side? Do the company’s leaders trust you’re aligned with their mission and goals?

Hard work might not always be rewarded but research shows true believers get ahead.

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If you want to be a knight, act like a knight. ~Don Quixote

How do we square this with Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Jack Welch and etc... or the average office punk manager and ruthless sons of bitches that seem to eat other people's attitudes for breakfast?

I mean it's one thing to compose an attitude that projects a desired and authentic internal state of beatific daily goodness or whatever, recognized and enjoyed by others around you, and quite another to influence everybody else's will to accomplish your own intentions and pay your for the pleasure of it.

Hmmm, this advice seems more applicable for the cast of Survivor and ensuring you'll be hanging around with the crowd rather than boldly striking out and getting ahead of the crowd... maybe another dispositional difference that separates office workers and entrepreneurs?

The people you name -- Jobs, Trump, Murdoch, Welch -- have exceptional charisma that breaks a lot of the rules. What applies to most of us does not apply to them.

Their attitude contains enough confidence and passion that it inspires others to follow them.

What works for them does not work for most of us. As evidenced by the fact that there is no second Jobs, Trump, Murdoch, or Welch on the planet. None of them had successors even remotely as able to get away with the same things they could get away with.

"Hire for attitude, train for skills."

Semil, yes, to a point. A senior engineer should start with at least SOME skills, for instance.

In regard to the "four horsemen" that were named above, the article also says this:

Hard work might not always be rewarded but research shows true believers get ahead:

A recently published BYU business study finds that employees who are “true believers” in the mission of their organization are more likely to increase in status and influence than non-believers

The study found those who exhibit a strong belief in a brand’s mission or cause become more influential in important company circles, while those simply focused on punching the clock become more peripheral players – regardless of formal company position or overall performance.

I'd say that all those guys are/were true believers - in the greatness of their company, of themselves or both. That attitude is hard to beat when you also have charisma and sheer brainpower.