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Get a beagle, they said.

Get a beagle they said

Source: 9GAG

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It will be fun, they said...

And then I left the room for a few minutes...

I know this looks bad but we got a perfectly good explanation for it. It was the cat.

one minute I was sleeping on the pillow and then poof it exploded just be thankful I'm all right dog meme imgur tumblr Pinterest Facebook

True story, bro.

De Cat Did It


Someone tore up the garbage. On an unrelated note, I'm out of food.


I thought you were never coming home.

So I panicked.

I thought you were never coming home. So I panicked.

Someone knows he's in trouble.

There is no substantive evidence that my client is responsible for any damage... he could just have been the first witness on the scene, or even have scared off the REAL perpetrator. Also, it was obviously a shitty couch anyway and very possibly might have unpredictable wear patterns over time.

Troutgirl, Esq (Beagle defense attorney)

Every beagle needs a defense attorney like you!

As well as several party bears.

bear the fuck happened last night

I have shamed my family. I probably helped.

i have shamed my family. i probably helped. cone of shame dogs

This scenario looks very familiar ^^.

Get a husky. ;)

Get a husky, they said. It will be brave, they said.

Oh hai. You're home early... I was knitting you a sweater.

ohai ur home early, i iz knitting u a sweater

This is not what it looks like.

lolcats this is not what it looks like

The pillow started it.

get a boxer they said. it will be fun they said.

Loveseats are delicious!

Furniture meme - tiger loveseats are delicious

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