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This Impossible Table Is A Half-Ton Of Perfectly Balanced Steel | Co.Design

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"The inspiration for Poised comes from the elegance and amenability of paper," explains Cocksedge. "The first model was simply a piece of paper held up and rolled over. For me, the project was all about exploring the limits of balance and not being scared off by failure in the process. In the initial tests, the table simply toppled over, but the project took a surprising turn when we found the correct balance of weight, curves, and twists."

According to Cocksedge, a large portion of the project was spent simply (or not so simply) trying to get the math right. After a year pursuing an intensive series of calculations regarding gravity, mass, and equilibrium, he finally thought he had found it, but his calculations required a single sheet of 20-millimeter steel plate to be gradually rolled under intense force into the finished shape, just like a sheet of paper. The result of all of this is that while the Poised table might look thin and as elegant as a curled up magazine cover, it's actually made up of half a ton's worth of pure steel. Pretty incredible.

It truly is amazing.

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