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ios7 If you can't say something nice


The good?  They make a convenient flashlight app built into the shortcut menu.  At least they make it accessible without having to key in.  

The bad?  Apple added a facetime app on my perfectly laid out first page displacing instagram onto a second page all by itself. 

The bad?  On previous versions of ios where I bought a movie from the itunes store and synched it to my iphone, I was able to watch those movies on an airplane without having to have a cell or wifi connection in airplane mode. 

Since the upgrade to ios7, I went to the videos app on my home page while on the airplane.  Even though I have watched those movies several times before while in airplane mode, some stupid Apple engineer decided that for ios7, they were going to DISABLE them while in airplane mode.  Not only did I see the movies, the icons slowly popped away before my eyes. Thinking it was some glitch, I did a spotlight search and found them.  When trying to play them then, it simply just disappeared and went back to the home screen.

Giving someone a capability that's really useful in their day to day life and then having it yanked back by some arbitrary software decision really enrages customers.   That is the stupidest design decision by Apple ever.  In fact I can only think of one other software company that's done something so stupid and that was Zynga when they pulled the rug and changed the rules out from underneath their loyalest customers.  

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So I spent an hour of my time on their customer support chat line last night.  They actually solved the problem.  There's an upgrade issue with itunes 11.0 and ios7 where the DRM permissions don't get set correctly.  The solution was to uncheck all movies and sync.  De-authorize the computer.  Re-authorize the computer.  Sync again.  Re-check the movies and content and then sync again. 

Voila, the movies now work in airplane mode. 

That's good. I figure a future iTunes / ios update will fix this issue.

Yeah, that's what they said.  I wish they would also change the calendar back so you can view mulit-day appointments again.  The new format is really limiting. 

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