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Picard and Riker firing upvote Star Trek gif

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That's how it's done!

Nice.  Except green arrows are upvotes and orange arrows are downvotes.  (In my head at least)


On Reddit, orange arrows are upvotes and periwinkle arrows are downvotes.

On Imgur, green arrows are upvotes and red arrows are downvotes.

Lots of confusion happens when Reddit upvote or downvote gifs are used on Imgur, and vice versa.

I'm only making the problem worse by mixing the two gif types in my Upvote! Downvote! stash:

There are some real gems in there, though. Enjoy.

Oops.  I lose at the internet.  No wonder I was confused.  UVDV stash is awesome BTW.

And gets awesomer every week as I find more...