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Breaking Bad - A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

Stashed in: Consequences

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It's easier to just blame CANCER for causing all of this. I bet the little cancer cells are wearing Heisenberg hats and glasses.

Walt should have let Jane live.

If we're thinking purely in terms of Walt's success, then I think we can agree that the best thing Walt could've done is let Jane live. As he said, both her and Jesse would've been dead within a week, and by this point he'd already met Gus, and would still have been eventually offered the $3,000,000 deal. Walt and Gale would've gone on to have a successful lab relationship, Hank would never have beaten Jesse up forcing Walt to cut Jesse in on his arrangement to make him drop the charges, and the whole operation was so under wraps that I've no clue how the DEA could've figured Gus or Heisenberg out were it not for Gale's death.

Shoulda coulda woulda!

If the Whites lived in Canada, he would have gotten free cancer treatment.

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