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A backpack to remember: can Evernote become a lifestyle company? | The Verge

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"Getting someone from paying zero to a dollar is as big a leap as getting someone from a dollar to a hundred dollars. And the market is a big part of that."

Software is a high-margin business.

Selling physical goods is a low-margin business. UNLESS you have a brand. Like Apple or Nike.

So Evernote must want to be the "Nike for your mind".

All told, Evernote Market reflects the company's enthusiasm for products that make you smarter. But it also represents an important evolution of the company’s business model. Evernote has long been the poster child for "freemium" software, in which a small fraction of its customers pay for added features while the rest use it without paying. Lately, the company has embraced a more old-fashioned business model: selling goods for money. Evernote sold hundreds of thousands of the Moleskine Smart Notebooks, giving the company hope that its customers will buy other physical goods. Libin sees Evernote as the ultimate brand for the knowledge worker, and says there's no reason that has to begin and end with software.

I'm not buying it.

I much more identify with Google than Evernote. Why isn't Google competing harder here?

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