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Who Knew That Blood, Sweat and Tears Could Start a Health Care Revolution?

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Vinod Khosla, founding CEO of Sun Microsystems and whose passion is the intersection of technology and medicine, recently commented that “in the next 10 years, data science and software will do more for medicine than all of the biological sciences together.” Much has been said about how big data analytics will revolutionize health care, but where will all that the data come from? How do we qualify it and aggregate it for analytical processing?

Today we’re witnessing a massive shift in who will collect and control diagnostic and other health information. For the first time, as people and patients, we will have control over what we measure, when we measure it, and who has access to our personal data. This is made possible by a new generation of revolutionary biosensors that contain the power of clinical lab instruments in packages that are light, small, wireless and highly efficient.

Do you currently wear any biosensors?

No.  But maybe someday.  You?

Nope. I will wait till the technology is better. I'm not an early adopter on quantified self.

I'm chiming in on this quite late, but I'm waiting for a 2nd gen Basis ( or an equivalent with more and better sensors. But at a minimum I want a continuous heart rate monitor. 

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