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Obama negotiating with the house : My Offer is Nothing

Source: YouTube Video

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Seriously, how long can this go on?

Weeks? Months? Does Vegas have an under/over?

that is what i asked yesterday. i was unable to find anything...

You're welcome:

Paddy Power spokesman Rory Scott told that the agency believes the shutdown will be over within seven days. The odds are 11-to-10 that it will only be a week before a new budget bill is passed and federal services are restored, according to their website.

If the shutdown goes on for eight to 14 days, the odds are a little under two-to-one. After two weeks in, the odds lengthen, but the payoff could be sweet. If the shutdown persists for 22 to 28 days, bettors win big with 10-to-one odds.

British betting house Ladbrokes is also taking wagers on when the government shutdown will end.

Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Donohue told ABC News that the odds are one-to-two that the shutdown will end by Oct. 15. The payoff is two-to-one if the shutdown is over by the end of October and eight-to-one if compromise is reached by November.

Those who are less optimistic and bet that the shutdown ends in December, January, or even later, can take their chances with 20-to-one odds.

Also fun: Government Shutdown Explained Like You're an Idiot

More fun reading:

tl;dr Just 80 members of the House of Representatives can keep things stuck... FOREVER.

tea party suicide caucus House of Representatives

oh boy

and this when the actual healthcare markets are finally opening to the public...and there is more demand than expected for them...


Btw if you look at that map it's hard to tell more people voted blue in 2012 than red!

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