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3 Peters and a Dick: Twitter's All-Dude Board of Directors

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Sam Biddle nails it:

AllThingsD's Kara Swisher has a thoughtful story about Twitter's manly board, with one very money quote: it's been a problem for so long, they PG-13 joke about it.

The lack of a female director on its board even caused one board member to make a naughty joke that has been widely repeated inside the company — and forgive me in advance for this — that that Twitter’s governing body has to expand beyond “three Peters and a Dick.”

(Peter Fenton, Peter Currie, Peter Chernin, and Dick Costolo)

Twitter has NEVER had a female Board member.

It's hard to tell whether this is due to sexism, carelessness, or apathy.

"The root of this problem is arrogance and a dont-care attitude."

Chris Yeh's very reasonable response to the Vivek Wadhwa / Dick Costolo skirmish:

From the comments section:

Remember this paragraph from the New Yorker profile of Sheryl Sandberg?

Among the hottest new companies— Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, Groupon, Foursquare—none, as Kara Swisher reported in the blog All Things Digital, has a female director on its board. PayPal has no women on its five-member board; Apple has one of seven; Amazon one of eight; Google two of nine. When I asked Mark Zuckerberg why his five-member board has no women, his voice, which is normally loud, lowered to a whisper: “We have a very small board.” He went on, “I’m going to find people who are helpful, and I don’t particularly care what gender they are or what company they are. I’m not filling the board with check boxes.” (He recently added a sixth member: another man.) The venture-capital firms that support new companies have even sharper imbalances; Sequoia Partners lists eighteen partners on its Web site, none of them women.

Dude. They need to recruit a board member named JOHNSON!!!

Peter Johnson, Jr. would be the trifecta!

Alternatively, they could look for a Willie or a Wang.


They're never going to recruit a woman to that Board, are they?

Dick Costolo mocked Vivek Wadhwa for commenting to the New York Times that Twitter needs to do better with its attitude toward women and diversity:

Then the Wall Street Journal covered the back-and-forth between them:

Shrug, Twitter finally appointed a woman: "Dame Marjorie Scardino is the former CEO of Pearson, an enormous multinational media company—and a smart pick for increasingly media-flirty Twitter, which now has ties to some of the most powerful old media assets in the world. On the other hand, Scardino's understanding of Twitter is probably not immense: she has only tweeted once, and it was today, about her new job at Twitter."


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