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5 Undercover Growth Hacks, You Wish You Had Thought Of

Blendah (Boston for Blender) - 5 Undercover Growth Hacks, You Should Have Thought Of!

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I didn't realize this is why Uber and Lyft keep suing each other, but it makes sense:

Every time that Uber/Lfyt & Sidecar gets sued or has an injunction placed on them, they get TONS of free press hence accelerating mass adoption. 

These guys are also the kings of newsjacking

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This was brilliant:

GoPro Camera Facebook GiveAway

GoPro has lead the way in terms of how grow a brand online. In 2011 GoPro had only 50,000 fb fans.  They now sit at almost 6,000,000 rabid fans that share, comment and post all things GoPro. 

Everyday GoPro gives away a camera via a contest on their fb fan page. This is not only a great way to grow the brand but an extremely efficient way to acquire new fans. 

p.s. Last summer GoPro received a $200mm investment from Foxconn at a valuation of $2.25bn.

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Agreed.. considering about 3.5 years ago they were neck and neck with there closest competitor.

This kind of growth hack does not work for every product but it worked particularly well for GoPro.

Giving $1 discount for a Facebook LIKE during checkout is also quite brilliant.

Thank you for writing this!

Smart.  Helps to have a cool camera with a crowd that's willing to do something radical with it and share that moxie online.

True. The marketing should serve the product's strengths.

Does PandaWhale similarly seek to get good user connectivity to Facebook and other social media hits?

Apologies if I should already know this as a user...ooops.

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