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The ‘Ocean’s 11’ of cyber strikes - May 2012 - Armed Forces Journal - Military Strategy, Global Defense Strategy

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While APT is a great buzzword, it is good to see security discussion branching out. PW Singer goes on to talk about how bad the snake oil in the security/cyber industry can be and defines what an APT, advanced persistent threat is. #themoreyouknow

Wow. Seems like we're only beginning to understand how crippling cyber weapons can be.

I used to believe that the DoD and NSA were on top of these things, until I read somewhere just how dependent the brass are upon Powerpoint.... seriously? Powerpoint?

don't get me start on ppt or sharepoint. =p

I'd like to think that the military would want to reduce its dependence on a proprietary technology like Powerpoint or Sharepoint.

I wonder if the Pentagon's CIO thinks about such things.

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