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Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

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I like a cook who isn't afraid to put 2 sticks of butter AND a half cup of shortening into 4 pot pies.

Remember that you can put whatever vegetables you have lying around the house in place of what they recommend in the recipe. I used leeks, blanched carrots, half a bag of frozen lima beans, and half a bag of frozen peas -- came out great! This recipe easily made 4 2-cup individual pies and 1 9-inch pie.

After making this twice, I can confirm that the recipe as written makes about twice as much as it claims. The good thing is that it's just as easy to make 8 servings as 4, the recipe freezes well, and everyone loves it... so I recommend you make 4 for dinner and freeze 4.

Also, there is nothing that special about the pastry recipe except that it has a little bit of baking powder which supposedly counteracts the tendency to shrink. This recipe makes WAAAYYYY too much pastry and makes you bust out the Cuisinart, which you may not want to do. Any decent pie crust recipe that you like could be substituted, with the addition of a smidge of baking powder.

And while I'm at it, I recently decided shortening is just not healthy. I used all butter and everything was fine.

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