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Who is Janet Yellen - Business Insider

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This article was published June 18 and of course by now EVERYONE has heard of her, but it provides an early and insightful list of her tilts.

if she's nobody, how comes she's standing behind Bill Clinton?  who the hell was Greenspan or Bernanke before?  No one knows anyone that isn't the top public figure.  pah


It's not that she's nobody, it's that most Americans don't know the names of most people in our government.

I was aware of her and the back and forth leading up to the nomination and why she makes a likely successor.  My question was rhetorical, and was more a reaction to the title of the article, which, while ultimately true in the public sphere sense, is slightly dismissive.  your recommendation didn't accomplish much.  

On the other hand I assure you the majority of Americans still don't recognize her name.

I regret something.

I changed the title from "Who is Janet Yellen - Business Insider" to one that caught my attention in a list that showed up under today's Yellen news.  

It is quite literally yesterday's news.

You can change the title again. I'm still learning about Janet Yellin.

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