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Mark Suster Channels Eminem

I'm a huge fan of Mark Suster.  Never met him.  Probably never will.  But I love the candor he writes with and his recent post on LinkedIn made me like him even more because I am a HUGE fan of using theme music. So, in the spirit of sharing that he started, his another one of my favorite go-to songs for motivation 

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I wonder if Mark Suster channeling Eminem is like Ben Horowitz channeling other hip hop artists?

I need to go back and read this:

What's your main insight from this article, Christine?

my top three take aways from this article:

1. run towards the problems. every day.  preferably with awesome music on your head phones.

2. 99% of all considerations we choose to hurdle when faced with making one big decision is emotional noise. usually other people's...

3. the differences between successful CEOs and successful hard-knock rappers is the medium they choose to express themselves in.

Can we take #2 to mean that if we can filter out more noise we can make better decisions?

And #3 is pretty awesome.

yes.  reducing signal to noise brings clarity of vision and purpose.

Then we should feel okay about spending time organizing and filtering.

Yes. And letting go of obligations and committing instead to intentions.  

Christine, I'm with you, but that is so hard to do!

Yes it is.  My Jedi mind trick is to force myself to let go of obligations by over booking myself to things that map to my intentions.  Seems counter-intuitive.  Works, mostly, as long as I can prioritize my time and manage it effectively.  

That makes sense. There's only a few hours each day so schedule those hours with good things and then bad things cannot find time.

Right.  I was the classic "good girl"...always bumped my things off calendar for other people's priorities.  It took me 38 years to get smart about the compulsion behind that behavior and nix it.  Getting older puts time in perspective.

Because as we get older we realize how little time there is available?

It does seem like time flies faster every year.

Holding out hope that Brian Green will prove the Theory of Everything is real before my "time is up" ;O)

If it were proven real, how would that help?

i think it would provide a mechanism for mapping yourself in the space-time continuum which would give you greater context about yourself and the world across time slices.  greater context provides better information for making decisions.  having that context be multi-dimensional allows you to process your decisions and your actions multi-dimensionally, not serially.  all of our decisions/actions/reactions now are serial processes and done with limited context.  i think greater context leads to better decisions.  the assumption i am making is that better decisions help because they create better outcomes.  maybe, it wouldn't help.  maybe it would just create multi-dimensional gridlock because entropy gets exponentially applied.  but i like to think it would be better and that the outcomes would help.

But some outcomes are nondeterministic, right? In those cases, context does not help.

OH: "Mark Suster is the Eminem of Venture Capital."

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